1.1: Stimulate devolved domestic prosperity

CMA will draw up a specification for a study, explore who would be best placed to undertake it (e.g. a university), estimate resource requirements and how they might be financed and then seek to have the study undertaken. The CMA will take account of comparable studies undertaken internationally.
Working Group

In May 2017, the Authority engaged a consultant through the Financial Sector Support Programme (FSSP) to undertake the study.

The Key activities are as follows;

  • Inception Report - June 2017;
  • Phase 1 - The survey administration to State Owned Enterprises was done between 25th September and 6th October 2017;
  • Phase 2 - The county engagements were done between 5th and 20th April 2018;
  • Final Report - Submitted in Q3 2018.

The Working Group reviewed the legal review report, examining the relevant laws and regulations that would otherwise impede the access of capital market funding by County Governments and State-Owned Enterprises, that was submitted by the consultant. This is to be included as part of the final report.

The consultant has submitted the final draft of the report which is currently undergoing internal review at the Authority. Subsequently, a high level technical meeting with key stakeholders has been slated for 6th December 2018 to discuss recommendations and chart policy direction.

A National Validation Workshop will be held during the last week of January 2019 to ratify the report and recommendations therein.

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